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The TMS protocol can be quickly accessed here.

Information for doing TMS with VERIFY stroke patients can be quickly accessed here.


Welcome to the training for SAFE scores and delivering TMS as part of the VERIFY study. This training is for staff who will be obtaining SAFE scores and using TMS to identify MEP status for patients enrolled in the VERIFY study.

There are 8 training modules. There is one module for the SAFE score and seven modules for TMS. We recommend completing the TMS modules in their numbered order.


If you only need to learn the SAFE score then you will complete the SAFE score module, with a practice quiz and a final quiz. You will receive a certificate when you successfully complete the final quiz. Recertification for the SAFE score is required annually.

If you are training to be a TMS Operator then you will complete all TMS modules. You will need to be certified as competent in six modules. This is done by completing a practice and final quiz for each module to test your knowledge and certificates will be emailed to you. All TMS Operators will need to be recertificated for TMS annually.

Please contact us on or if you and your team would like to discuss TMS training.

If you require urgent assistance or advice during a TMS session please call or text the TMS hotline at: (833)337-2227 (Available Mon-Fri 8am-9pm ET).